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Logistic support

A.C.E. is able to satisfy the logistical needs of its customers, with the direct management of the supply chain. At the customer’s request, we can keep a security stock of the code numbers of the most critical products, as well as of the raw materials difficult to find on the market. Each product can also be delivered to a different location than the billing address. The type of packaging will be agreed with the customer and if necessary specially made.

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Advanced prototyping

Every series production is preceded by a complete process of prototyping, in order to guarantee completely reliable wire harnesses and switchboards, perfectly functional to the needs highlighted. Each phase is managed in house and adequately controlled, for a high quality standard process.

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Our technical support at your service

Our technical expertise for the design and manufacture of wire harnesses and electrical panels is available to all our customers. We choose innovative materials for the planning and design of the wire harnesses and switchboards. A.C.E. guarantees cutting-edge production processes, which allow us to limit costs. We offer support for the layout of the technical documentation as well as the technical specifications for harnesses on board, drawings, bills of materials and other documentation the customer may require.

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