In 1967 ACE srl was founded by Mr. Dario Scarpa, a very determined man, with great entepreneual mood and modern  farsighted vision and who wanted to achieve immediate high quality results.

Thanks to innovation,  passion,  professionality and experience ACE grew costantly in the year developing cooperation with National and International  leading partners who have became customers.

In the following years  as the son Roberto and the daughter Donatella , currently managers of the Company,  joined in , the manufacturing dept. faced important changes entering further new markets as aeronautics, telephone, automation, instruments, electromedical and railways supplying important leading customers.
In 2000 the  Manufaturing Premises in Agrate Brianza were enlarged to meet new production requirements.

In 2005 Ace Cabling was founded  in Chisinau the capital city of the Republic of Moldova.
In 2010 the A.C.E. srl seat in Agrate Brianza  was renewed, reorganised the manufacturing deptment and the offices were enlarged.